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About Us : Found photos in Detroit qq
In May 2008 we co-founded, with the other members, the photographic collective CESURA. Initially united in the intention to live on photography, for all the members was a natural consequence to join forces in one direction: the creation of an independent collective
capable of producing photo projects. At its core, the collective is bound together by a fundamental passion for photography, and through Cesuralab, participating artists will be able to join forces and work creatively and collaboratively on a variety of visual
projects. The photographers work daily abreast, constructing a cohesion that allows, thanks to skill sharing and constructive criticism, artistic growth for every member. The space and equipment offered through Cesuralab also allows photographers to be independent,
providing them tools and resources to pursue individual, partner and group projects. The group uses different forms of expression to show and promote its work: photography exhibitions, video installations and self-published publications.